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    The International Department

    The International Department of the China Enterprise Confederation(CED),Being the Confederation¡¯s portal of liaison with international partners, works in line with the Confederation¡¯s in general. It seeks to open up channels of dialogue among enterprises and entrepreneurs, between enterprises and governmental agencies; to organize enterprises and entrepreneurs to partake in forums on major issues facing enterprises in general, such as economic and business development trends, inplementation and improvement of policies and regulations, and competition environment; to promote exchanges and cooperation in the fields of business, technology, management knowledge and enterprise information between Chinese and forgin enterprises and entrepreneurs; and to contrbute to the establishment of the Chinese enterprise sector as an indispensable driving force behind in international economic development.

    The International Department conducts the following activities:
    1. organizing or attending international conferences. The Department organizes the annual China Business Summit cohosted by the World Economic Forum, represents Chinese employers at ILO and ist tripartite coferences, holds seminars on enterprise, society and labor issues.

    2. Exchanging study groups for international cooperation projects.

    3. Undertaking joint research projects in conjunction with foreign academies or universities.

    4. Sponsoring symposiums on business management and industrial policies, which offer foreigh-funded and Chinese enterprises chances to carry out further studies or to exchange experiences. Frequent topics include e-commerce, emerging types of enterprise, restructuring of state-owned enterprises, knowledge management and enterprise competitiveness.

    5. Carrying out bilateral technology cooperation projects with international institutions or friendly forgien countries and organizations. Among the listed partners are the international Labor Orgziztion(ILO),the United Nations Development Program(UNDP),the World Bank, the Asian-Pacific Economic Cooperation
    (APEC),the British Council(BC), The Conference Board of the U.S.(TCB),the World Federation of Advertisers(WFA), the Confederation of Norwegian Business and Industry(NHO), the Korean Employers Federation(KEF), the Japan Federation of employers Associations(Nikkeirren), the Confederation of Netherland Industry and Employers (VNONCW),the Confederation of German Employers' Association (BDA)etc.

    6. Publishing Chinese and English newsletters.

    7. Representing Chinese enterprises engaged in formulating labor policies and mediating for labor issues.

    8.Providing legal services.

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