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    The Research Department

    CEC places studies and research on the top agenda of its daily activities and regards them as its pivotal missions. CEC capitalizes on its intellectual composition by serving enterprises in their reform and management development, Below are the principal undertakings of the CEC Research Department.

    ====Conducting on-the-spot surveys to reflect the calls of the enterprises for policy change or adjustments. To this end, we have organized over 1000 enterprises and several hundred symposiums on the most pressing issues regarding enterprise reform and management, thereby obtaining first-hnad knowledge of the existing challenges facing enterprises, echoing their views and suggestions and proposing possible policy measures and solutions. A number of our survey reports have drawn the attention of state leaders.

    ===Unertaking targeted research projects. With a view to finding the correct path for enterprise reform under the socialist economic system and establishing an enterprise management science with Chinese features, the Research Department has organized studies with the topics of "Successful Enterprises", "Vitality of Enterprises", "Enterprise Managemnt Rationalization", "Sino-Foreign Enterprise Management Models", "Operational Strategies", "Enterprise Competition", "Modern Enterprise System", "Intensive Operations of Enterprise Group", "Professionalization and Marketization of Entrepreneurs", "Incentives and Restraints for Managers", etc. giving rise to a series of influential reports.

    ===Organizing academic research activities. From time to time, the Research Department invites experts to study hot issues resulting from economic development and enterprise operations.

    ===Working out exemplary management models and innovations in modern enterprise management. The Handan Iron and Steel Works was one of the typical successful enterprises that the Research Department has singled out for its well-performing management model and innovations.

    ===Offering direct advisory services to enterprises in general ranging from designing enterprise strategies, conducting market surveys, designing management information systems, asset restructuring. etc. It has designed strategic management for Jinlun Group and the management information system for FuZhou Electricity Wire Manufactures.

    ===Rating and ranking of enterprises and entrepreneurs. So far, the Research Department has organized competitions such as: "All-China Enterprises of Excellence", "All-China Entrepreneurs of Excellence", "Exemplary Enterprises in Systematic Transformation", and "Enterprises Ranked for Competitiveness".

    ===Participating in international exchanges and seminars.

    ===Organizing and operating the research network of the expert committee of the State Economic and Trade Commission's Enterprise Research Center and the enterprise sector.

    ==Unertaking the routine work of the Enterprise Management Science Fund, the Assessment Committee of the All-China Enterprise Management Innovations, the Committee of Modernizing Enterprise Management, the research Commission of Ancient Management Theories and the Chinese Enterprise management Almanac Editorial Department.

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