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    Administrative Office

    Under CEC's tenet,below are the principal undertakings of CEC Administrative Office .
    - Conecting with all levels of government branch ,research institution,colleges,groups of Enterprise and all sorts of enterprises.
    -Organizing feasibility argumentation¡¢project constitution and work harmonizing of important external cooperative items.
    -Arranging all kinds of activities to welcome vital pilots and organazitions.
    -Organizing and harmonizing monmentous external activities of CEC's.
    -Formulating long-term development programmings and annual work plan.
    -Harmonizing operations of CEC's inner branches.
    -Formulating¡¢emending¡¢carrying out and implementing all kinds of administrative bylaws of CEC's.
    -Commending and publicizing carving out stories of Chinese enterprisers.
    -Taking charge of the office's daily works such as organizing the collecting¡¢examing and revising and issuing "the newsreel of Chinese enterprises".
    -Taking charge of paperworking¡¢personnel management¡¢finiancial affairs¡¢file management¡¢security guard and comprehensive controlling.

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