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    The Consulting Center

    The China Enterprise Management Consulting Center was established in 1980. Its mission is to assimilate principles and practices of overseas enterprise management advisory, modify them in accordance with the specific conditions of the Chinese enterprises, and formulate a unique system of principles and practices of enterprise management advisory applicable in China. So far, the Center has launched over 150 management advisory institutions covering 17 industries in 26 provinces and municipalities, capable of offering professional training, conducting principle and practice researches and certifying qualified consultants.

    By the end of 1998 the Center had certified 490 senior consultants, sponsored dozens of training courses innumerable and produced a number of publications on enterprise management principles and practice. At the moment, the China Enterprise Confederation boasts over 8000 full-time and part-time consultants: 300 full-time, 490 senior consultants, 4000 intermediate consultants.

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